This is a platform specially designed for individuals seeking "Personal Development".

By the law of nature as human beings we are meant to improvise to meet the requirements of survival but unfortunately most of the time in the various facets of life we find ourselves struggling in terms of how to enhance our skills. This struggle is not with any one existing in the external environment rather it is with the individual who stays alive within us and that is how this struggle of being a better person tomorrow in comparison to what we are at present leads to a drive known as personal development.

The thirst of being a superior version of our own selves’ separates us from other living creatures whereby we use the power of our brain and body to continuously upgrade our skills, knowledge and ability – all three necessarily combining to generate and give a momentum to personal development.  

Personali Progressio a Latin term yielding an English translation commonly known as Personal Development focuses on continuous growth of our inner self.

Personali Progressio run by Keertika Sharma is designed with the purpose of providing a hand holding to all such individuals who realize the worth of moving on the never ending trail of personal growth till they are alive and most importantly strongly believe that age is just a number and are willing to learn regardless of all the limitations.

Not following the conventional path, subjects covered by the author will discuss any and all those variables that contribute towards the individual growth of human beings be it any context – professional, social, mental and spiritual.

To make it more simple for the reader to understand and relate to the articles published under Personali Progressio, its topics will envelope:
  • The Self: Specific understanding of the various ingredients of self forms the very basis of personal growth.
  • Personality: Our Persona gives a glimpse our real self. A specific attention towards betterment of our personality will always bring forth a better picture and understanding of our self as a person.
  • Human Psychology: Understanding what goes in a human mind
  • Relationship: The development of any self is incomplete without understanding the complexities of relationships it is dealing with and finding out ways on how to live a harmonious life others while working on the path of self development.

Personali Progressio also intends to give people an opportunity to get answers to their questions related to improvising their own self and all these answers will be in the form of articles published by the author.

Keep Reading Keep Growing!

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