I would suggest all my readers to get interactive with me while reading this article.I have suggested some hacks to overcome your inertia. 

All are self tested and tried you are requested to try these and come back to me in the comment section. 

It'll be interesting for you and motivating for me.

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ABSTRACT: As human beings we are quite self aware of our goals, actions and achievements. But still there is something that debars us from getting into action and performing the task for goal achievement and this little harmful thing is LAZINESS.

We all want to get rid of it. Even if our mind is completely aware of our laziness our heart doesn't accept it and deny living with it.

So given below are some easy life hacks that all can try to overcome their laziness.

Answer to yourself  - common questions

How many times have you cancelled your weekend plans/trips just because you wanted to sleep for long hours?

How many times you snooze your morning alarm?

How many times you know you have a task at hand to finish but you just don't feel like doing it.

How many times you just feel like lying in bed/couch not doing anything?

Inertia or most frequently used term LAZINESS is a common psychological phenomenon and has its existence in every human mind.

The Psychological Base For Laziness 

Sigmund Freud's theory of "Pleasure Principle" highlights the instinctive seeking of pleasure to avoid pain by immediately satisfying biological and psychological needs. It is mentioned by him that Pleasures are guide by the Id state of psyche (According to Freud's Personality Theory, 1923 the psyche is structured into three parts - ID which is Instinctive, EGO which works on Reality and SUPEREGO which talks about Morality).

Therefore now it is easy for you to understand why you want to get that immediate pleasure of sleeping till late morning and avoid going for Jogging - You mind is working on Pleasure Principle.

Hence feeling LAZY!

Laziness is commonly manifested through Procrastination - delaying of important task without any specific reason. Common feeling "Just don't feel like doing it".

We all want to attain our goals, act on our plans and finish the task within the deadline. But the lazy feature defeats us in lot of ways and ultimately the tasks are either half done or not begun at all.

Most of us face this problem as humans. Once in a while it is acceptable but if Laziness overpowers our intentions completely and we become habitual to it then it needs to be dealt with as an immediate concern.

Let us understand some simple life hacks which if applied   can help us overcome our laziness


There occasions when you become lazy as most of the time you feel drained out in terms of your physical energy. You don't feel like doing things simply because your low physical energy doesn't allow you. 

Many a times due to deficiencies of necessary vitamins, minerals and calories in our body we feel low in energy and eventually it turns us into lazy being.

Here is a requirement for immediate medical intervention. Get you low energy verified from a medical practitioner to examine the existing deficiencies in your body. If any deficiencies exists please stick to the medical prescription and follow it religiously. 

In such a situation laziness is an outcome of low physical energy which is a resultant of deficit in your body and all this can be overcome only through regular medical care.


Sometimes the cause of laziness is a lengthy task that will not yield immediate results. We are always inclined to perform task that would give immediate results or feedback. Tasks that require elongated efforts and attention and would yield an outcome after a long time are usually put aside and are not alluring.

But that does not mean you will not perform the task or will keep on waiting till you stand at the edge of the deadline. In order to sort out this situation it is suggested to break the entire big task into smaller chunks. Then assign a timeline towards the completion of each smaller portion, if possible also assign a reward for yourself towards these small tasks, follow the timeline and keep giving yourself the rewards you decided for yourself at the end of the completion of the smaller tasks.

This strategy would maintain your motivation in the entire process of task completion and the without even realizing the stretch of time and effort you would achieve the end result.

The only trick here is to focus on the accomplishment of the smaller tasks that are all a part of the enormous assignment that appears non interesting to you.


Most of the time we have realized the pressure of task completion coming from external sources which is has the least amount of motivational potential.

To make it work for yourself I would suggest create this pressure internally. Best way is to keep reminding yourself of the troubled  and not so wanted consequences of delay and non completion of the task, the extra efforts that you would be required to put in if the job is not accomplished, the financial liabilities associated with it example the fines and penalties which if saved could be utilized on better things of your interest. If you find it feasible then write the reminders and put if at a place where it is easily visible to you and keep cautioning you.

External Push Factors have lesser potential as compared to the internal ones. 

For me external push factors were very extra pressurizing and sometimes non tolerable. But internal ones have worked wonders.
Try It!


The above mentioned continuous internal reminders work well in equity with the rewards associated with the task completion.

Keep reminding yourself of the goodies that will come to you no your goal achievement. People acknowledging your existence, the fame associated with job completion, the materialistic rewards that will come to you, help that you will extend to others who are dependent on your task completion and sometimes the longer relaxation time that will come to you if you do the job on time.

Mentioned above are some Pull Factors that can contribute in shedding your laziness. Anticipation of the good things that will come to you once task is completed will work as great external motivation.

Try It and let me know!


Prioritize your Priorities!

Remember even if there is something that is not interesting to you but it is your priority then do it as it is a task that is completely at your disposal and your non-completing might affect other people associated with it.

As mentioned earlier we are more interested in doing things that are interesting. So, if your priorities coincide with your interests then you are the lucky one.

But luck doesn't come to everyone so better develop a self realization towards task that are your priority. To make yourself work on your priorities within time limit you can keep your interests as your rewards, the moment you complete your tasks reward yourself by pursuing your interest.

This one works for me! try it for yourself and let me know.


Peer group matters!

It is a common experience that our peer group has a lot of influence on our decision, our behavior, our actions and lifestyles. Therefore I would suggest choose your peer group wisely. Friend circle is not a relation that is given to us by our DNA it is all a result of who we choose to be with.

Therefore it's simple to make a choice of people who are positive, productive, energetic and goal oriented. If you very well know that you are a lazy person and you prefer to be with like minded people then it will create vicious circle for you and you will never be able to rise above your inertia.  

Be surrounded with people who are energetic and strategic as their experience and actions will give you real life learning.

This one had worked for me, if you prefer you an also try!I pick to be affirmative when choosing who to be with. If I find myself surrounded with Negative, Lethargic, Idle, Ambition-less and Action-less people I immediately choose to disconnect. 

It is always better to be alone that to be in the company of people who belong to the above category.

Trust yourself and move on rather than stay with people who will build on your lethargy.


Be sure about a schedule that you have prepared for yourself and follow it strictly.

Design a work and rest cycle based schedule where you do not exert yourself too much on a task keeping aside your rest. Giving a breathing space to your mind and body will act as fuel refill and you will be more energized to continue with the task during your work schedule.

Also during your working time the rest period will act as a reward where you feel you can reward yourself with breather and comfort as you have worked as per the decided schedule.

I prefer to strictly follow this work and rest cycle. The downtime act as a pull factor for me. You also try! and remember to share your feedback.


This one is of great importance. Others do not have enough time and energy to pep you up during your inertia.

But you can always give enough time and energy for a self talk that is completely POSITIVE and assures you that you have all the energy, skills and smartness to do a job. Most of us are habitual to self talking but unfortunately it can be detrimental if its major content is NEGATIVE.

So it is suggested to talk to yourself and tell yourself how competent you are, remind yourself of your previous achievement and rewards. Give time to yourself to build in the confidence.

I always stand in front of the mirror in a closed room, look at my own self, maintain an eye contact with myself and remind myself of all me previous accomplishments (as many as possible) and all the complements that I have ever achieved based on my work and performance. 

My energy tonic is 10 minutes of positive self talk and Yes! I am done. Try talking to yourself while looking at yourself into a mirror as if you are talking to another person and give ideas of motivation just like you would give to someone else and see the miracle.

Definitely a must try hack! Let me know.

Laziness is just a state of mind where you keep telling yourself to be in the comfort zone and get momentary happiness. It requires only a bit of effort to tell yourself to try, perform, achieve and get endless contentment. 

Looking forward to feedback and input. Please share!


Keertika Sharma

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