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It was National Sports Day for India (29th August 2019). Just a normal day in the life of any Indian.

Following my daily routine I suddenly got reminded of this big event that was suppose to happen (as announced previously) and it was to be lead by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi The Fit India Movement. I switched on the television and realized I was late. The telecast was already running.

The most appealing thing for me was, may be late but still a need for Fit India constituting Fit Indians was realized by it's Leader.

A Kick Start for Fitness!

Yes! we all need it.

My easy to explain logic says if you are a human being, consider your self as a supreme being on this planet then try to prove it by being Fit. Your human being essence should reflect in your Healthy Life. Reason being all the other living creatures have a sense of Fitness missing in their entire life cycle.

The supreme brain of a human having the ability to reason, contradict, and analyse can only understand the correlation between 


All these correlations are positive. Wherein if the value of the variable on the left side increases it consequently increases the value of the variable on the right side.

So this simple equation was in the simplest form identified and elaborated by Fit India Movement initiation.     

When talking about fitness I am sure the first think that comes to a human mind is "Is it about how much I eat", "Do I eat too much?", "Fit means controlling your eating habits"

These are all myths as Fitness is not about eating rather it is about taking care of your body and mind together as both work in coordination with each other.

"A fit mind in a fit body is important": PM Mr. Narendra Modi.


Answer these questions to yourself

Don't feel like getting up from bed in the morning?

Don't feel adequately hungry?
Drive down long distances for office, business and school?
Spend long hours sitting at one place due to job requirement?
Don't get time to take meals as per schedule?
Spend Less/No time walking, running or workout?
Want to sleep till late morning on week off?
Have bad habits of addiction to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol?
By the end of the day feel tired to such an extent that don't even feel like lifting your finger?

Aah! there are so many more questions like this. Now you understand what category or type of lifestyle I am talking about.

But in any case if your answer to most of the questions is YES then I am sure there is a serious need for Fitness at your level.

It is not a strange expectation that most of the people will fall in the category of Yes Answer. 

Most significant factors responsible for the Yes answer are fast moving life, deteriorating environment (we are responsible for this one), excessively high expectations from others and from ourselves, going beyond the bandwidth to perform and get results, prioritizing materialistic life and excessive competition with others and giving least importance to body and mind. 

We never feel the requirement to give time to the Fitness of our body and mind till we do not start getting alarms from our biological system. That is most of the time too late.

So why do you have to wait till your hear that alarm.

If you sincerely want to live a happy, contended and most important successful life - Work on Your Fitness.

"Lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to lifestyle disorders and we can ensure we don't get them by being fitness-conscious.: PM Mr. Narendra Modi.



If you ask me that's the key to Fitness.

You remember buying your new gym suit and accessories, swimming costume, how about that expensive treadmill you purchased?, what about those meditation sessions you started with? Those Yoga lessons you started?, That diet chart you got ready from the dietitian?

Yes! your started will a great zeal, you had a will to work for Fitness then why did you take a halt?

Your Willpower is your strength. So if it is weak, you can understand nothing will sustain. That is the reason every little step you started towards a Fit life has glaciated and lethargy has taken over completely.

So the primary need is to maintain the motivation. In the initial stage you will reach a point where you will be lured by a lot of thoughts to stop doing what you have stared but if you sustain your motivation and cross over that stage you'll be a winner and will be charmed by Fitness forever.

Procrastination is you biggest enemy, fight it to stay motivated.

Make Fitness a Habit

It is best suggested to get into the habit of Fitness.

"No matter how sever are the weather conditions but I'll not miss my Yoga session."

"If I don't go for jogging in the morning I feel inactive and dull for the entire day."

" It doesn't matter even if it's my weak off I still get up early."

If you get such thoughts regarding your lifestyle then trust me it shows Fitness has become your Habit as habits are repetitive behavior that if not performed start effecting our entire biological system (I am talking about the Good Habits).

Remember your school days where physical activity class was a part of the course curriculum. Now you understand why it was important.

So if the Motivation is high and Fitness becomes your Habit you are have way through on the roads of Fit and Healthy Life.

I have previously published an article on Good Habits that will make your life more sorted and simple. Fitness is an important part of this article.

Discipline Your Life through a Routine

Another very important requirement to upkeep your Fitness is live a disciplined life.

Prepare a set of Dos and Don'ts for yourself and follow them religiously. You should know very well what is good for you and what is harmful, you are your best judge. 

Never cheat your own self and stick to your favorable contents no matter how hard they are to follow.

Another important contributor towards discipline is a Routine.

Always follow a routine in your life from the time you open your eyes in the morning till you go to bed at night. Do not miss on your routine. If you become habitual to following routine in your life you will easily radiate towards Fitness.

If you turn around you'll see all fit people around you follow a strict routine in their life.

Become your own master and discipline your self.

Your body and mind is your own Chapel. Keep it fit and healthy.

Take care of yourself and show The Absolute that you love and respect His most beautiful creation - Your Life as a Human.


Keertika Sharma



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