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ABSTRACT: Good Habits everyone seeks for in others but rarely people try to bring in these Good Habits in their own lives. These Good Habits are mostly inculcated during childhood with the idea that adapting things is much easier during childhood (within first 5 years of life). But a lot of times we get accustomed to Bad Habits in the later stage of life and want to get rid of them OR maybe simply want to get some new Good Habits which we find lacking in ourselves.

The below mentioned article is not about inculcating Good Habits during childhood it is about brining these habits in the adulthood. Replacing adulthood bad habits with good ones. 

All this will be done with reference to the Four Core Anchors of adult human life- Person Life, Work Life, Social Life and Monetary Concerns. As an author of this piece of writing I believe if some significantly Good Habits are introduced in our lives centering around the above Four concepts then our lives would be much sorted and purposes would be easier to achieve. Also get a brief idea on the power of Willingness when it comes to replacing the Bad Habits with the Good ones. 

Read till the end and see what are these and how many you already practice. Find what's missing in your case. 

Inspiration Source: "The Power of Habits" by Charles Duhigg. 

Let's Begin... 

Following GOOD HABITS! I know it's easier said than done.

But as I grew up and finally turned to be a mother of a 1.5 year old I've started realizing the significance of inculcating GOOD HABITS.

No! this article is not not about how to build good habits in children as that is quite a different stuff and also easily available the tougher one is What are those Good Habits that we should accommodate within ourselves as adults?

Your continuation required....

As I will further discuss a List of 17 GOOD HABITS which if applied can make your life sorted (Personally, Professionally, Socially and Financially) to a great extent.

But before we straight away bump into spelling out the list of those Good Habits let us first take a glance at what are habits? and Why do we segregate them into Good and Bad?

A repeated action or behavior that becomes an intense part of your personality.

A lot of times these specific behaviors are so strong and deep rooted that they become your identity.

All such behaviors when described in a single term are called as "HABITS".

You live your life based on your habits. 

Your work life, personal life, choice of relationships, your actions and reactions, your routine, your biological clock everything is driven by your habits.

Suggested Reading "The Power of Habits" by the Pulitzer prize winning author, Charles Duhigg.

Habits form the core of your life.

No wonder people want to get rid of some of them and want to establish some.

Wait! Get rid?

I am talking about those bad ones and when I say this it is not only about smoking, caffeine and alcohol there is many more to be added to the list. Some docile ones also which are small and submissive but still painful.

In any case what ever may be the intensity of these bad habits you want to give away for the simple reason that they are making your life tough and complex. They threaten your existence, relationships. performance, social status and your overall presentation.

These could be as simple as not keeping your work desk clean and clear, free from all junk and sorted therefore this leads to  waste of a great deal of time even when you have to grab a pen or a notebook. Ultimately this is effecting your time management and you are known for your clumsiness. The  pile of all unwanted stuff is increasing in height, it's becoming unmanageable for you and you are struggling. Still the willingness to perform the simple task of clearing the desk is just not happening.

You just don't feel like doing it!

Willingness is a highly powerful term when it comes to habits.

So, when I move on to those good habits Willingness makes the difference. Willingness to establish and maintain a good behavior or action is undoubtedly supported by some sort of motivation. The source of this motivation can be within you are in the external environment. 

Take this situation... You are completely out of shape (Aah! beg your pardon for being harsh). This is one completely disapproving state for you and you agree on that. Well most of us do! But why do some get into shape within defined timeline and some live their entire life in that disapproving state. I feel it's a matter of Willingness.

Somebody might get into shape for the love of wearing those slender dresses and somebody might get into shape to shun all those diseases and medical concerns that arise just because of being over weight. In the first situation the source of motivation was external and in the second one it was internal but in both the cases willingness to reduce weight and get into shape was common. 

So, where willingness to change for betterment is lacking nothing would move an inch. 

Remember nobody ever gives away any Bad Habit it is simply replaced by a Good one.

If you want to inculcate a Good Habit or  replace a Bad one with a Good one Willingness has to be strong enough to make you stretch.

Identify your source of motivation and spark your willingness to introduce a  good habit forever in your life.

I have segregated the 17 Good Habits under Four (4) categories for better relativity and understanding.

Personal Life, Work Life, Social Life and Monetary Concerns



Healthy Sleep

I know most of our purposes in life are attained when we are awake but for sure it always starts with a healthy sleep.

Give as your sleep a significant consideration for a improved awakened life.

Refer to the below mentioned parameters of sleeping hours identified by National Sleep Foundation.

Teenagers (14-17 years): 8-10 hours
Younger Adults (18-25 years): 7-9 hours
Adults (26-64 years): 7-9 hours
Older Adults (65 + years): 7-8 hours

Try and keep yourself adhered to the required amount of sleep that your body requires as per your age.

Sleeping less to due to work pressure, study targets or any personal stress is becoming common these days. 

Lack of sleep is directly related to your brain functioning and ageing faster.

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For maximum performance at work, in studies and in personal life it is suggested to develop a Good Habit of Healthy Sleeping.

Do not be under an illusion that if you are sleeping you are just not doing anything or wasting time. Remember during sleep your body  internally is performing a lot of actions which it cannot when you are awake. 

Just like it is suggested to take required amount of healthy sleep it is also recommend that excessive sleep is extremely detrimental to your lifestyle and goals in life.

Strike a balance and sleep healthy.

For any concerns/problems related to sleep you can visit National Sleep Foundation

Nutritious Diet and Workout

Body needs fuel to move on and survive and this fuel is provided by a healthy diet.

Taking a diet that has a all sorts of vitamins, minerals, calories, and nutrients spread across over different meals in a day is not an easy task. It requires effort, attention and time that you need to devote to your body to provide it with the best form of diet.

Just eating anything at any point of time without rethinking about the nutritional value of what you are eating is a very common phenomenon that happens at a subconscious level and we repeatedly keep on doing. Any junk non nutritional eatable that makes our tongue happy usually becomes our habit and it is also difficult to impose self control as triggers for such food are easily available around us all the time.  

Putting in extra effort in selecting a diet in terms of nourishment and hygiene is a Good Healthy Eating Habit that requires conscious effort of replacing unhealthy food habits by bringing in healthy diet that provides the right nutrition.

Goes along with healthy diet is required amount of work out. When I say work out it necessarily doesn't mean exercise in gym or running.

You like dancing? Go ahead it's the best exercise ever. Go with your kids to a park, spend time with them by running around and playing their games, turn yourself into a kid and you'll burn all those extra calories in no time. Take my words as I do it because my little one has just learnt running and now that's his favorite game. In order to take care of him I have to run along with him. Haah! half an hour of running with my son and I am done with my work out for the day.
Work-Out-To-Stay-Fit-A-Good-Habit, Good-Habit

The idea is to avoid storing any extra calories in your body which is not required. Just shed it out by doing any rigorous physical exercise that includes quick body movements and some extra stretching. 

Choose your favorite physical workout and replace lethargy and laziness by a Good Habit of Maintaining Physical Fitness.

Regular Outing With Friends and Family

Regular-Outing-A-Good-Habit, Good-Habit

This one seems important to all of us but...What stops us?

There's "No Time"

We plan it so many time but such plans mostly do not get implemented. We give importance to other things and keep fun and excursion at the bottom of the priority list. 

A mind that gets deviated from all stress, work pressures, target strains and family liabilities for sometime and gets engrossed in fun activities, meeting old days buddies, going for excursions, theater and movies  has a higher ability to work efficiently and with precision.

So replace the bad habit of working even on weekends on a regular basis or just sleeping on your off days from work by bringing in a Good Habit of relaxing your mind and body through Fun and Frolic.  

Schedule outings just like you schedule your official meetings and block your calendar. 

Maintaining Tidiness

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

We've been hearing the above phrase since our childhood.

Then why is it missing at your end now when you are  a grown up?

I know the simple answer is "Aah NO Time too busy with so many other things."

I recently came across a light hearted message share through an image saying...
Maintaining-Tidiness-A-Good-Habit, Good-Habit

We all have this clutter somewhere in the corner of our house.

Maintaining Tidiness is our personal responsibility be it house or work place.

Applauds to all those who have a regular habit of tidying their wardrobe, study, personal library, work desk and kitchen cabinets.

Some people are in a habit of cleaning the clutter from their house be it any corner - bedroom, study, kitchen...

Keeping any sort of unused material not only occupies extra space but also keeps junk maintained in your house.

Replace the bad habit of maintaining the mess by bringing in the Good Habit of Cleanliness.

A Good Habit of Tidiness includes a very significant act of getting rid of the clutter.

You really don't know why? But you store all those deserted cartons, broken furniture and kitchen ware, old clothes, useless papers and lot more...you know what I am referring to...

You have place for all these things and of course you make place for such things. Why? I know why... Just thinking that it might come in use some day. But ask me it never comes to use on its own.

So if you are that DIY kind of creative person please make something useful out of that not anymore required stuff else get rid of all he clutter you have gather and make space for new things or  at least some space to breath.

Be it home or office being surrounded by heaps of not in use stuff blocks your mind and spirit. Look around, Aah your kitchen looks overstocked with boxes and bins not in use? So bring in the Good Habit of Clearing the Clutter. 

Feel Light and Breath Fresh!

First Aid Box in Reach

I know sounds like "Aah! I don't need it" but just a piece of suggestion as requirement for First Aid and Medicines always comes uninvited.

Especially if you have children and senior citizens at home please replace the bad habit of running for minor medicines to the counter and buying them only at the hour of need by the Good Habit of Maintaining a First Aid Box at home.

I have also recently (post becoming a mother) changed this habit by maintaining a medicine box at home. 

I make sure of two things:

a)  Keeping all the SOS medicines available for all family members
b) Keep an eye on the expiry date of theses medicines and replacing them with the fresh ones.

You might take this lightly but trust me you'll realize the worth of this wonderful habit once to face the need of it (God Forbid!).

Spend Time with Your Kids

I remember my father telling me "If you want to know your kids well, know their friends".

So as apart of your parental responsibility replace the bad habit of being too busy with office stuff and your social engagements and bring in the Good Habit of Regularly Spending Time with your Kids and know their social circle.

Try to know who their friends are, what are the expectations and desire of your kids, what do they aspire to do in long run, talk to them about their school and studies, get to know their experiences and most important while you are spending time with them introduce them to values in life. 

Nobody on this Earth apart from you would take up this job of instilling values in your kids.

Remember, lessons learnt while playing and during fun time are remembered life long.

Follow A Routine

It's a good idea to live a relaxed and stress free life but do not take this good idea to an extent where your life only relies on hunches, being totally spontaneous and lives for the moment. Following life wherever it takes you? No! not a good idea.

Bring in the Good Habit of Following a Routine to make your life more meaningful and disciplined.

It doesn't matter you are employed, unemployed or retired from work. It doesn't make a difference whether you work from home or go to office for a 9 to 5 job.

Whoever you are and what ever you do create a routine for your self which is governed by schedules.

Routine gives a purpose to your life and realizing he worth of time you are inclined to do something meaningful in life. 

Also routine helps you follow Good Health Habits.

Most of the Procrastinators lack routine in their lives.

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On my last visit to my child's pediatrician I was asked "Have you started reading books to him?" Just to tell you he is only one and a half.

But I felt proud to say Yes! we have recently purchased few board books for him. 

Idea here is to emphasize on the significance of the Good Habit of Reading.

Reading-A-Good-Habit, Good-Habit

Intentionally take out some time for daily reading from your busy life. I personally feel best form of reading is from the hardcover handbook. I call them the real books. But still if you are on the go kind of a reader you can chose the e-book or any form of reading you prefer.

Reading before going to bed is an ancient practice for a good sleep and it always works.

Reading also releases stress and energizes your mind, diverts your attention from all negativity towards a positive thinking.

Books are the best form of Knowledge Bank and will always remain your Best Friend Never Leaving You Alone.


Maintaining Punctuality

Be on time! most important requirement when it comes to your work life. Even for that matter in Personal Life also Punctuality is always looked for and appreciated.

When it comes to your professional engagements being punctual indicates your worth and seriousness in business.

So if you are the one always rushing at the eleventh hour or mostly running late get this bad habit replaced by the Good Habit of Following Punctuality.

Set your watch right, make use of timers and alarms, switch off snooze options. All in all realize the worth of time before you lose your worth in business.

Also people who are on time simultaneously follow Good Health Habits as they give enough time to their meals and sleep. It is mostly experienced that people running short of time on a habitual basis miss on their meals and healthy sleep.

Also being punctual is indicative of you valuing other person's time. 

Be the one who reaches places 10-15 mins. prior to the decided time and see people's reaction towards you. I am sure you'll love it.

Responding to Phone Calls and E-mails

It's always okay not to respond in case you are too busy with something that is on your priority list or stuck in a situation where you don't have the leverage to respond to calls and e-mails.

Rather this is about a bad habit of intentionally not responding either to avoid, show your self busy, get away, to delay actions intentionally or may be just to put the other person into a tough situation. Well! if you are the one who avoids responding to calls and e-mails immediately, you know your reason best.

But as we are discussing his across a work situation we all know not taking up calls or attending calls intentionally and unnecessary delaying e-mail responses is considered unprofessional. Even during a personal life scenario these are categorized under bad habits.

People lose credibility, weaken their impressions, under harsh conditions considered ill mannered as well due to this bad habit so replace this with a Good Habit of responding to people in some way where even if you are not able to receive calls gives people an impression you are not doing it intentionally. Never forget to Switch On those auto generated responses to your e-mails in case you are not able to respond immediately. Also remember to call back on all those missed calls. 

Responding to people within a timeline is showing respect to them and an act of building better relations. 

Personal and Professional Relationships (Kept Uncomplicated)

I learnt this from my Head Of The Department when was working as an Assistant Professor at a Management College.

She had always set examples which left me perplexed. I always asked myself "How can she maintain this thin line of difference between the personal and professional relations with the same person depending on the situation".

I was always surprised to see her getting up from her chair when the Dean of the Department entered the room. I was surprised because the Dean of the Department was her very own husband.

It is a Good Habit to keep the Personal and Professional Relationships Simple within the work place so that both the work and personal life remain peaceful and productive. 

People entangling both are generally caught up in tough situations and most of the time their productivity at work place gets affected. Be intelligent enough to keep all the personal relations with your co-workers outside office.

It's good to pick your friends and life partners amidst your co-workers but do not compromise on your professional quality.

Not Discussing Work Post Office Hours

Yes! sounds difficult. But may be that is the reason it is considered a Good Habit and only few have it.

We are so occupied with work that even during our personal interaction with friends, relatives, family and especially life partners we keep mentioning work, office and colleagues.

Just like a high quality professionalism does not involve any personal ties similarly if you want to introduce quality in your personal life get in the Good Habit of Not Discussing Work Outside Office

Live your personal relations as if they are you very own personal property not a property which your office holds. At the same time maintain the ethical values of not discussing your work affairs with people not concerned with your business. 


Express Greet and Gratitude

Let's take this situation...You get into your apartment elevator and there is this another person already present in there. Now a question...How will you react?

Simple answer is pass a SMILE. Move on step ahead of this and say Hi!

Born as a human act like a human and address the existence of another human. I have noticed many a times people in the above situation stand with their back facing the unknown individual. Absolutely incorrect gesture.

Replace the bad habit of not acknowledging the existence of the other human being by bringing in the Good Habit of taking the initiative of greeting the face you encounter. Never hesitate to be the first one to say Hello! Not reacting to a human existence by your side or in front of you is considered selfish and comes under the category of bad habits.

Your greet might make somebody's day. Take the credit.

Similarly never miss on a Thank You even for slightest nice gesture shown by the other person towards you. Develop a human bond by expressing your Good Habit of Greeting and Thanking others.

Defining Limits to Socializing

Well! it is always good to be with and around people. But this socialization turns out to be detrimental to your family life, goal achievement and productivity when it gets limitless.

Replace the bad habit of excessive socialization by bringing in the Good Habit of Defined Socialization. With the cyberspace socialization gaining grounds people find it captivating to keep clinging to their social networks 24/7. 

Keep your socialization limited to an extent of help, fun, entertainment and celebrations defined by time limit assigned to them.


Paying Bills on time

Are you the one who waits for the last day for bill payments? Are you the one who keeps reminding yourself when is the last date for making payments? 

If Yes! then replace this bad habit by keep reminding yourself that you have to clear the bills rather than thinking about the last date. The Good Habit of making Payments on Time.

Also maintain proper records (hard or soft copy which ever is feasible) of all the previous payments that you have made.

Keeping financial liabilities especially in the form of bill payments is a very severe form of Procrastination done even in the case when people have sufficient amount available with them to clear the bills.

Just because a payment has to be made doesn't mean it has to be made on the due date try closing it before this date and keep yourself mentally relaxed and confident.

Budgeting The Expenses

This is not at all related to how much you earn. Rather it is about how wisely you spend and invest your hard earned money.

Replace the bad habit of countless expenditures by bring in the Good Habit of Preparing a Budget and allotting expenditures under different segments for smooth and wise financial outlay. This would also resolve the issues of late bill payments or non payments that happen as a result of financial crunch.

Estimating a budget before future expenses will help bring in financial security bring in scope for savings and investments.

Saving and Investing For Future

No matter how much you earn your hard and smart earned money will not serve its best purpose if it is not saved for future.

I am personally a strong believer in Minimalism. I will not strongly recommend it for anyone and everyone reading this article but I would certainly advocate a Minimalist Lifestyle as it helped me a lot in setting up and achieving my long term financial goals.

Saving for future and investing for financial securities is not only mandatory but it should completely replace the bad habit of not acting financially futuristic. Swapping this with a Good Habit of saving and investing to meet future insecurities is an indication of sensible financial risk management.

Be smart, be futuristic and be in a Good Habit of Saving and Investing for times you are yet to experience. 

"Good" is the word we all want to preserve in our lives. So if you desire to live a quality life get the maximum number of "Good Habits" into it. Remember you can't get rid of Bad Habits, they can only be replaced by the Good ones.


Keertika Sharma 





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