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All those Ms./Miss/Mrs. reading this article we rarely have time to realize the significance of our existence, simple reason being the family, society, career and relationships keep us so busy that we start living a robotic life where we normally do not feel the urge of taking a pause and do something for our individual self.

Yes! it's true that we have a lot of people and relationships surrounding us who keep telling us that we are amazing for the simple reason that we are a "Woman". 

My sincere thanks to all such appreciations but we have very few people in our lives who tell us that we need to continuously "Develop and Improve as a Woman." Here comes the ultimate urgency of self realization towards being a Better Woman in comparison to what you are today. 

So remember nobody would ever tell you this, it's always you who has to work on "Turning Yourself into A Better Woman." Therefore it's good to be aware that you are a "Woman" but its better to be sensitized towards ways on how to create an improved version of this woman.

Enlisted here are some approaches that would help you Turn into a Better Woman

Realize your PURPOSE in life

Identify your personal goal in life. Don't just feel that if you have sufficed the needs of your family and dependents you have achieved your objectives.

It is important here to understand and question yourself - Do I have any ambitious purpose in life for myself? Identify intentions in life based on your skills, expertise , education and interest. These can range from becoming an entrepreneur to a writer or an educationist, or a freelancer, or an artist or anything that you intend to, list is endless.

Just keep in mind that never let others tell you why your goals are not best suited for you. If you aspire towards achieving something just go for it. The only word of caution here is not achieving you goals at the cost of your current responsibilities. Be confident and skilled enough to strike a balance between your responsibilities and aspirations.

As a woman never feel contended with a life that has a goal missing in it. Have faith in  yourself and go ahead.


This one again starts with believing yourself the most and not caring about an opinion that you don't own.

If you feel you lack being an extrovert or doubt your own decisions and mostly depend on others for the approval of your decisions or fear moving out of your own comfort zone and take up new challenges or care too much about others' opinions then trust me you are in serious need of developing Self-Confidence.

If you desire a positive transition into a better woman this ingredient is of utmost significance. Learn to stand for your decisions and do not look for others' approval to bring your plans into action. Move out of the safe zone of your cocoon and start taking up challenges without the fear of failure as a misstep would again come up with a new lesson for you which would consequentially make you more confident. 

Self-Confidence comes up with a resultant effect of being Independent. Once you start developing confidence you would eventually realize that you have turned out to be more independent. Being financially independent and contributing to the family income is one deal in life that will keep you confident and independent forever. Seek any sort of help as your last resort try and work out on your problems on your own. 

Being a woman doesn't mean debarred from independence. Take a stand for yourself.

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Listen to Your HEART

Being a woman you always feel tied up into numerous responsibilities and relationships and therefore you have too many voices to address and therefore in the due course you forget to listen to what your heart tells you. Sometimes even if you hear the voice of your self you intentionally ignore it thinking you have other wishes to follow.

If you really want to work out towards a better woman at the first place learn to pay attention to what your heart says. Recognize your desires and wishes, promise yourself to fulfill all of them on your own, chalk out a plan how you would go ahead and get into action. Once to stop listening to your own wishes you would never be able to do anything for yourself independently and earn pride for yourself and your dear ones. 

Listen to what your heart tells you and do not fear what others have to say.

Know Your WORTH

Don't just feel contended and happy when somebody tells you that you are an awesome wife or a wonderful daughter or an amazing sister or the best girlfriend ever. These are just the simple opinion of other people surrounding you. It is more critical to realize how you interpret your worth.

Don't believe on the worth evaluation of your's done by others learn to become the assessor for your own self and analyze the significant contribution made by you in your own life at the first place followed by your contribution into others life.

Don't wait for others to tell how good you are and don't trust others when they analyze you as an insignificant contributor.


Don't stop at the edge where you stand today thinking you have learned enough or done enough for yourself in terms of development and there is nothing left now. Till the time you are alive life gives you ample scope for improvement in all the fragile aspects of your life. Therefore do a self analysis and see where all you can bring improvement in life. These weakened areas could be your skills,  education, learning, appearance, health, relationships, personality and anything that is relevant to you but may be not mentioned here.

All you need to do is a self analysis and develop an appetite for self improvement.

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LOVE YOURSELF for who you are

Once your self analysis is in place at the first stage admire your self for who ever your are. The strengths and weaknesses identified by you are your own and you have all the courage and skills to reduce your number of weaknesses and increase your strengths.

Never make the mistake of comparing yourself with anyone else and defame your own self also never let others do the same to you. Never value others' opinion just trust yourself and most important be yourself and don't copy and try becoming like some one you are actually not.

Be yourself and love yourself.


Being a woman doesn't mean you would take all the load on your shoulders just to keep everyone happy and feel positive towards you. 

In order to make life easy for you and to give time to yourself learn to delegate task to people around you especially if completing the task is not your prime responsibility. Don't do a job that is not meant for you and is somebody else's share of work. Also if you feel your work load is too high be smart enough to delegate it to people so that it can be completed on time.

It's a good idea to become a super woman but remain within human limits.

Be ASSERTIVE but not aggressive

You have complete freedom and fundamental right to say "NO".

Most of the women feel that saying NO to a task will appear disgraceful therefore whatever is asked for they should bring forward. 

If you appear logical in expressing yourself you would be appreciated for you views. If you know you can't handle too much of anything elegantly express your rational.

There is very thin line between being assertive and being aggressive visualize this thin difference and in order to be assertive never act aggressive as that would bring a real disgrace to you.

TAKE CARE of yourself

Not only love yourself but even take care of yourself.

It is not about looking beautiful rather it is about feeling beautiful from your core.

Develop an exercise schedule that suits you, take a balanced diet, wear what you feel like and suits you the most, assign a day to pamper yourself in a saloon or spa, address health problems without delay and don't worry about others' judgement do what is good for you. 

Give time to your self and address the woman within you.

Being a woman you have all strength to Empower yourself and turn yourself into a better woman.

Keertika Sharma - Personali Progressio

Keertika Sharma

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