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Well! Everyone knows age is just a number but only few believe in  it.

Still if you as a reader feel this article is about some precious input on different kind of anti aging creams or Botox then wait, here we would be discussing on how to stay young at heart and in spirit.  For the reference purpose the term "Young" would be a metaphor as you read further on How to Stay Young.

Any life cycle passes through various stages of growth but especially for us as human beings the mere thought that one is aging puts us off. This happens because we co-relate aging with deterioration not with growing up which primarily means -  more experienced, more strong, more reasonable and more versatile and more fearless to experience and experiment.

But rather than looking on the brighter side, as we grow old we intentionally concentrate on the darker end and that is how the fear of deterioration makes us age faster.

No one ever doubts the idea to keep looking good as you age but simultaneously it is extremely important to stay young through your entire process of aging which would make you look attractive and charming all through out.

If you strongly believe that age can never put limitations to your desire to live your life fully and remain young then obviously the sparkle in your eyes, the glaze on your face and your enthusiasm will blur your wrinkles.

But what happens with most of us is that we make a mistake of  deeply believing that we have grown old even before the real process of aging starts. 

No body ever tells us that we are growing old I feel getting older is our own realization.

Still if there are people who keep telling you that you are growing old but you in your heart and mind don't realize even a bit of it, then hats off to this ignorance as it shows that you do not believe in growing old and age doesn't matter to you.

Age is not the sum total of the years you have lived since your first breath rather the real definition of age is "As young as you feel" and that is why some people age faster than others and that is how they even start looking old in comparison to their same age companions.

So the fact is that it is not your real age that is reflected on your face it is always your felt age mirrored on your face. 

Any one who has ever received the compliment "Oh! you don't look that old"?

If your answer is in YES then Congrats! You are the real young person who is not ready to grow old and hence that admiration and I am sure every one wants to hear such flattering remarks. Don't you??

So if you are the one who is looking for ways to stay young all through out especially if biologically you have reached the threshold of the aging process then read these tips that will help you fight the aging process and stay young. 

No expensive cosmetic application or surgery, no unusual diet plan or extensive work out and no unhealthy medication...

 Just Simple Tips to Stay Young:  For all those standing on the brink of getting old and also for those who are biologically old but want to stay young at heart!

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Eating Habits

Remember that one " Some live to eat while others eat to live."

First things first - Eating habits is a mandatory input in your staying young agenda. So, if you want to stay young become the second set of people mentioned in the above quotation and eat only as much is required to live a healthy life. Never make eating the sole purpose of your life.

I would not get into suggesting a strict diet plan here as I believe since by now you have lived at least 30 years of your life so you completely know what is best suited to your health and which kind of food to avoid. A balance diet full of nutrition which becomes a part of your entire day will always support a healthy living and if you live healthy you will have more energy and enthusiasm to maintain that health. 

Never imitate others while choosing a healthy diet for yourself as each and every human body and its requirements are different from the other so go for food that is required by you body and suites your health.   

Also it is mandatory to be sincere to your medication requirements. 

This specially applies to people who have been prescribed medicines by the doctor for specific medical concerns. Never play hide and seek with your medicines  and take them sincerely as per the prescribed schedule. For people who are suffering with medical conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid and the similar ones that require life long medication do not ever fear that if you are bearing these diseases you will age faster or you will never remain young. The purpose of medication is to maintain a healthy balance in your body so that you can live a healthy life. So it is suggested to be sincere to your medication whether it is a short term or long term medication as this would always make you feel healthy as an effect of which you will have all the energy and happiness to remain young.

Sleep Well

Do not take this lightly. 

Sleeping is a very crucial part of growing well as it has a major impact on our health and especially the brain functioning. 

It is medically suggested that adults need approximately 8 hours of undisturbed sleep per night. Kids need it even more.

But as we age our need for sleep decreases. Still for the biological fitness of our body 8 hours of sleep every night is mandatory. Therefore we need to assure that we take sufficient undisturbed sleep every night. It is suggested that if the need for sleep is felt as declining immediately get involved into activities that keep your mind and body occupied all day so that while going to bed in the night you feel exhausted.

Habits like reading books or listening to audio books and taking a glass of warm milk have been proved to be helpful in getting good amount of sleep. A day full of physical activities is also supportive for good sleep. 

I would personally advocate that as one starts aging please assure that you have a day full of mental and physical activities (taking into consideration your health condition and body requirements) and avoid getting into the habit of taking afternoon naps. Rather schedule your day in a way that you get opportunity to sleep only in the night in the entire day. But assure that your daily schedule should have time slots which give your body an opportunity to sit and relax. Never over exaggerate any physical activity.

Idea here is to take a good amount of sleep for approximately 8 hours daily and use natural therapies to attain your required sleep in case with age if one feels lack of sleep. Avoid getting into the habit of taking any sort of medication for good sleep. 

A good amount of sleep in the night will keep you active, alert, energetic and enthusiastic for the next day and of course everyone needs a beauty sleep even if you are aging - what else do you need to feel and look young.

Maintain a to-do List

No this is not about planning your retirement. 

It is about creating a bucket list of all those wishes you desire to fulfill for your own self before you say a final Good Bye!

This to-do list might include executing some of your essential activities like securing your own future or the future of your dependents, some recreation, some fun and adventure, some spiritual activities. This list should not appear haywire. it should be properly designed keeping in mind your current age, health conditions and responsibilities. 

This list would not only define the purpose of your life but would reflect your desires. The idea is to give a direction to your life when you are aging and defining its purpose so that one does not feel aimless as one starts aging.

An individual who dose not posses a to-do list will have no purpose for the next half of his life and would not know what to do with his life which would ultimately develop a feeling of getting old. On the other hand one who carries a buck list would already have things planned in place and would know what do to next and how to move on and achieve the desired goal.

No doubt moving on and keep on achieving what you intend to will always keep you young, fit and healthy.  

Human lives with a purpose are forever young. So prepare your bucket list.

Never think you are too old to do any thing always feel you are young enough to do anything you want to.

Not doing anything will hold you back and make you feel old.

Keep doing the intended and feel young and active forever.

Keep Pace with Technology

Technology is one great thing which keeps improving and developing. It's innate feature is to improvise.

Therefore it would be smart enough to keep pace with it. If one tries to grab the up-gradation of technology and learns the new aspects of it then moving along with technology will itself make one feel young and smart.

When we are not able to cope with technology as we grow the first thought that comes to our mind is we are getting old. It is a common experience that young generation is intelligent enough to get hold of new "in thing" in technology within no time. So if one wants to stay young and smart be swift enough to find out the new developments in technology and grab it. 

Never think you are too old to learn the new technology rather think that learning the new tech thing will keep you upgraded and upgraded means young and latest.

If required give time to yourself in learning the new features and getting your hands on it but never lose the zeal to search for and learn the new developments in technology.

It is the technology that gets obsolete with time not the human mind so you would always remain smart and intelligent enough to learn the new technology.

It is always the thought - "I am aging and hence I cannot learn" that holds us back so it is suggested to get rid of that thought first and then adapt the new technical developments and make yourself feel a part of the new era and of course young.

Travel Places

If you are somebody who has always traveled to new places then do not hold back just because you are aging and also if you are some body who has traveled very less and start doing it now.

Traveling whether short or long always introduces you to novelty.

Traveling adds to your experience and leanings in life and raises you from the level of ignorance to the heights of wisdom.

People who travel are always well aware and well informed. 

Knowledge about people, places, culture, rituals and environment always keeps you upgraded with time and anyone who has an upgraded knowledge is always young no matter whatever your age might be.

Further more travelling always develops a desire to know beyond the limits and the enthusiasm and energy associated with travelling will definitely make you feel young.

It is never your aging with time that holds you back from travelling rather it is always the fears associated with travelling that hold you back. Sitting at home or just moving within the known space will make you feel old even before you start aging.

So get fearless, put on your most comfortable shoes, pack your bags and start moving. 

Travel as much as possible whenever you get an opportunity as the energy, excitement and experience of travelling will always make you feel young.

Dress according to you desire not age

What holds you back from wearing what you wish to or apply that bit of makeup which makes you look young? Is it your age? Then you are wrong.

Aging should never change your choice for apparels. Do not make the mistake of hesitating to wear what you wish to just because you are aging.

If some style statement has always complimented you then maintain it. Also if you want to give yourself a new look and if it makes you admirable then go ahead and do not wait as hesitating to try the new look and style will make you age faster. 

It is necessary to dress as per the occasion but it is also mandatory to adopt a dressing style and appearance that compliments you and makes you feel young. So,there is no harm in changing your dressing style and trying a new one.

An appearance that make you look young and draws appreciation from others will always make you feel young. Once you start feeling young you can never grow old.

Choose your Entertainment

Yes! it is true that the term "Entertainment" is usually associated with young age. So if you are aging and you feel entertainment is not meant for you or doesn't suit you, you are utterly wrong.

If you want to remain young and avoid feeling old it is important to identify and stick to your sources of entertainment.

Never hesitate to choose the best source of entertainment for yourself as per your wish. You can get involved in any sort of entertainment as per your interest and resource availability.

You fear you are aging? Stop watching television go watch movies as per your taste - thriller, horror, romantic, patriotic, action, animation, choose any category that is close to your heart.

If you have always enjoyed being a sportsperson do not give up just because you are aging. Continue whatever it was whether swimming, golf, tennis, horse riding anything. If you were always passionate about driving and cycling keep riding the wheels. Sports and games will always keep you fit, energetic and make you feel young.

Are you the one who always enjoyed cooking and backing? then what is stopping you now? Now you can cook and bake for pleasure.

Keep yourself involved in online social networking - like your friends and follow your role icons. Become part of groups and communities. Social networking is one lively thing that will always make you feel young and keep you engrossed. Coming across a college friend after a decade will pep up your feeling of being young. Also online social networking will help you keep pace with technology.

Rent no room to negative thoughts

Feeling old has less to do with your real age and is more associated with how young and old you feel in your heart. 

Aging follows how you feel and think.

To remain young never give space to any sort of negative thoughts in your head.

The process of aging generally brings along with itself various negative thoughts and feelings that are strong enough to make you age faster than a usual pace. 

Thoughts like you are aging means you are growing weak or will soon get medically unfit or are more prone to never ending medical concerns. Others will soon start loosing interest in you or you might be considered obsolete and outdated and thus you will not be valued. It will be difficult for you to adapt to the changing times and meet the challenges of tomorrow as you are a man of yesteryear. Sticking to the old and comfortable things will keep you safe and protected so do not try trespassing the new vicinity - These are all negative thoughts that will speed up your aging process so do not let them enter your head or if they keep knocking get rid of them and replace them with the positive ones.

The best solution to get rid of the negative thoughts is to keep yourself busy with work, people and events. Negative thoughts creep into your brain only during you spare time and create a vicious circle which one finds difficult to come out of.

How positive and hopeful you are about your life and how many endless efforts to put in to make your life meaningful will define how young you are.

A thought that will always keep you young - "Never count the numbers of years you have lived rather count the number of dreams and desires you need to fulfill and goals you intend to achieve in this one single life that will never come back to you."

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