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Close your eyes just for a moment and try remembering that one person who always makes you feel sad, unwanted, unsuccessful, meaningless, demotivated, lost and frustrated. Also one who always pesters you with his or her sad story and keeps on introducing you to all the shades of darkness in life.

There could be one such person in your life or even more.

Yes! the worst things is they are a part of our lives but we all want to get rid of them as they are "Negative People."

Such people never give a good feeling and we never feel enthusiastic to be in their company.

We all want to "Avoid Negative People" in our lives. 

Albert Einstein has beautifully defined Negative People saying "Stay away from Negative People, they have a problem, for every solution." 

I am sure all of us must have experienced this one thing which is very common, these negative people don't go away easily. They always make you feel as if they are glued to you and it's not easy to get rid of them.

We always search for ideas to get away from Negative People as we understand the negative correlation which clearly explains that if we stay with negative people we can never live a positive life.

But we somehow find it hard to get away from such people because either they keep on trespassing into our personal lives whenever they want or sometimes they themselves invite us to their pity party where they just tell us how painful and meaningless their life is. They always sound disapproving and unappreciative to whatever we have done in life. 

Whatever we think, whatever we say, whatever we do whether it is  good or bad doesn't matter as these negative people always have their disapproving judgments read to be thrown at us. 

No matter what is the reason but we strictly want to get rid of Negative People especially when they get glued to our life.

"Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions." Will Smith

Let us see 8 Ways to avoid Negative People

Time is their Gateway

Negative people have a very strong observation with reference to the unused time of others. Point to be made here is, they look for idle time in other people's life.

The moment they see an unemployed time in our lives they are swift enough to occupy it. They are very well aware that people who have a busy schedule or who are occupied with other important task will never given them enough attention that they look forward to.

Only spare time acts as the best opportunity for them to sneak peak and harm our positive endeavor and focus which is certainly missing in their lives.

We never get to know how and when they arrived uninvited. But that is all because either they are fully aware of our unused time or they were looking for some idle person and unfortunately they come across us. 

So, it is important to keep ourselves occupied. Also, having a schedule in life is a mark of discipline which is mandatory to live a meaningful life.

This schedule should be productive, completely controlled by time and should have no space for people who are complainers, talk ill, conduct defamation and are completely unproductive. 

A well scheduled day should have no time for negative people who add no value to our lives.

We need to understand that we lend time to such people only when we have time at hand to spend with them.

Never share your Mind and Heart

Beware! Never disclose your feelings and thoughts to Negative people.

The indicator of their wicked intention is their continuous effort to know about our real feelings towards other people and events. 

No matter how much they pester do not give up as they will use all sorts of tricks to sometimes know our  negative feelings towards others or sometimes are intentions in life. Whatever may be the condition they just want to know the real thing and either defame us, inform others about our intentions or sometimes our miseries have a sedative impact on negative people that is why they want to hear it.

Never let them touch your real feelings, intentions and goals. Once they realize that they are not able to get anything ill from you they will try to maintain a distance and be with somebody else who innocently shares his thoughts and feelings with them.

"Save your skin from the corrosive acids from the mouths of the toxic people. Someone who just helped you speak evil about the another person can later help another person to speak evil about you." Israelmore Ayivor    

Be Assertive

One thing that negative people are completely unaware of is their "Limit."

So for the sake our peace of mind and betterment it is mandatory on our part to set limits for negative people. But for this we need to ensure to act gentle and not get agitated. 

If at any point in time we feel blocked and pressurized we need to throw the pressure back. 

A bold and fearless "NO" is required to set the limit.

Any comment, conversation or discussion with them which generates an ill feeling, demotivates, defames us or derails us from our real track in life should be immediately checked.

All this should be done in an assertive but refined manner with sufficient backing of logic without insulting them.

Even if this person is senior to you or is your close one, whatever is your relation professional or personal under all circumstances be assertive to draw a line.

Negative people find assertiveness as alarming which reminds them of their limits in future as well 

It is suggested to get over the fear to losing a job or fear of dropping any personal relationship because in both the conditions if limits are not defined for negative people we will always feel bullied by their ill behavior, thoughts and actions.

"Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out." Robert Tew.

Maintain A Forward Thinking Attitude

It is rightly said that for negative people drama and over exaggeration is like oxygen which they need every minute to survive. But if we stay positive and passionate about our lives it will take their breath away and bring them to extinction.

We should never underestimate the expertise of the negative people in suppressing other people who are positive, resourceful, and inventive. Curbing people who are better than them gives them a kick in life which makes them feel good or even great about themselves.

We need to learn not to give up easily. If we are clear about our intentions, feel passionate about our goals in life and keep moving further with a will-do attitude the negative people will start feeling suffocated and would prefer to stay away from us.

Therefore your strong positive attitude towards your productive intentions will naturally keep them away as people with weak will power and self doubts are their easy prey.

Avoid Explanations and Arguments 

Arguments is one big mistake that should be avoided completely with negative people.

It is habitual for naysayers to get into unnecessary arguments with people especially the ones who are productive and improvising their life. 

Sometimes negative people get into arguments with a purpose to distract you from your good deeds or goal in life and sometimes they do it unknowingly as they are habitual to it and simultaneously lack a purpose in life.

In any situation if you want to completely avoid negative people never make a mistake of getting into an argument with them. Their arguments are baseless, lead to no conclusion and drain all your energy where in the end you are left with no time and motivation to do anything productive. 

All you are left with is utter confusion and a pessimistic attitude. 

Also it is suggested never try an explain any situation to them, reason is they do not look for explanations to clear their doubts rather they need explanation to prove that you were wrong. 

If on certain occasion they bother you too much with asking unnecessary explanation prefer to remain quite, divert the conversation and in the end as a human being use your fundamental right  of saying "I don't feel the need to explain it right now."

Unnecessary arguments will always keep them clinging to you.

Look Around for Lively and Positive People

Just like you need to avoid negative people similarly it is important to be around with positive people who make you realize your purpose and help you do better in life.

The effect of pessimism that gets generated by being with naysayers can be combated by being in the company of lively and supportive people.

It should in our habit to look around for positive people and try being with them as they produce a spark in us of being productive and achieving our goal in life. 

It is also suggested that if required do flaunt your engagement with positive people to the naysayers as this would again given them a clear indication that they have no space in your life as you are already occupied with people who are better than them and you enjoy being with such people.

Your engagement with positive and lively people will give a clear message to negative people to stay away. 

Avoid Meeting Negative People Alone

The impact of negative people is more effective when you meet them alone.

They get a better scope and opportunity to introduce their venom of hopelessness and are more efficient in putting you down when you are facing them alone. A situation where you are alone with negative people gives enough support to their worrywart behavior to flourish and bother you.

If you meet them in a group of people who are more like you -which means positive, lively and supportive the negative people in such a situation suppress their negative behavior which will make your life more comfortable.

The idea is to meet or exchange dialogue with them in an environment that dose not give impetus to their negative attitude.

 Also such an environment will always draw a limit for them.

Appreciate Them

This might sound a little weird but is very significant.

"People who project negativity typically have a low self-esteem. They feel badly about themselves, and their negativity is simply a reflection of those feelings." Hendrie Weisinger 

Negative people are not bad people in the real sense the only thing is that their feeling of worthlessness and their inability to do anything about it is exhibited in the form of their negative behavior.

It is quite possible that these people were not the fortunate ones since their childhood where they are reared in an environment which builds on their self confidence and developed a sense of worthiness about their lives. On being pointed out as incapable they were never showed a path of self improvement. All these poor experiences and neglected lessons of life over a period of time turn them into one individual who becomes a complete pessimist and cannot even see other people flourish in their own lives.

Therefore it is always suggested that apart from completely avoiding them, a practice of appreciating them for their good thoughts, feelings and actions should be maintained by people who stay with them.

Art of appreciation will work as a reinforcement for them and the rewards of appreciation will keep them motivated to continue to be positive in their lives.

Lets Conclude

We all are surrounded by some sort of negative people in all facet of our lives be it personal, social or professional. If we want to succeed in our lives and achieve the intended it is important to keep the naysayers away from us which is easily possible if we apply certain tricks (as a part of our usual behavior) towards these negative people.

It is important for us to maintain a schedule in life which will generate more disciple and will also not give enough space to these negative people to creep into our lives as they always use our unoccupied time as an invitation for them.

Beware and never share your real feelings, intentions and your goals with them as they are experts in instigating people to speak ill about each other and spread the bad words. Never trust them with your real feelings. 

It is always suggested to be assertive as this would draw limits for them which mostly they are not aware of. So the intention is to introduce them to their limits and at the same time you need to maintain a forward looking attitude in which will give them a signal that you are not an easy target.

Look around and be with people who are positive, support you and help you grow in life as your continuous engagements with such people will give an indication to the naysayers that they are not wanted in your life and should keep distance. Need to show that you have space for better things in life.  It is also suggested never meet them alone. Get into a conversation with them in the presence of other people as this would never give impetus to their negative behavior and they would be forced to stay in their limits.

Never get into any sort of arguments with them as these arguments are meaningless and lead to no conclusion and in the end take away all your time and energy. If negative people realize that they are not getting any impetus through your arguments they would naturally lose the motivation to be with you.

In the end it is very important to appreciate them for their genuine thoughts, feelings and actions and introduce them to the taste of positiveness.

Negative People will try to pull you down at every stage of your life, remember to treat them and their opinion as insignificant.

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