The girl you see here is Vedika - A small town girl who changed her own life through Self Improvement 
Read further and see the amazing journey she traveled.
Moral of the story: If Vedika can, then anyone reading this article canšŸ‘

Self Improvement - A Human Necessity: Let me begin by asking a question and if your answer is YES you are sincerely looking for Self Improvement. Have you ever done this exercise? Secretly writing down all those aspects in your life that always made you feel there is something lacking in you OR skills you always wanted to master OR gaps you need to fill within your own self if you want to become a better person OR listing of your strengths and weaknesses. 

Any activity similar to these done by us ever in our lives (even once) indicates that somewhere in the corner of our heart we have a desire to improve ourselves. 

To make it sound more appealing “becoming a better version of our own selves”.


self-improvement-meaning-concept-and-ideas-for-self-improvement, self improvement ides

Yes! We all refer to this as Self Improvement 

Self Improvement Meaning: Do not be superior to anyone else, rather be superior to your own self

Self Improvement is an effort made by us to enhance our Skills, Knowledge, Abilities and overall Personality  with an intention to continuously upgrade ourselves.

Self Improvement Concept: Human Potential is limitless

The very nature of human life is lead by a well know fact that since their creation humans have an innate tendency to make use of their cerebral system to grow and improve. Stagnation doesn’t suffice our purpose of survival. We always need more and that more comes from growing and improving. 

My personal opinion is, if we stop aspiring for self improvement at any stage of our life it indicates we have turned into Zombies. Oh Okay! To make it sound more approving, “living but not alive”
Self Improvement as a task I would never say is tough to perform rather it’s too demanding. 

Yeah! it takes a lot from us before it gives us exactly what we want

There is no limit to the growth of human potential. All it requires is that we recognize the significance of self growth.

But rather than focusing on the tough side let us see how can we do Self Improvement to be better than what we are today also at the same time we’ll learn how to meet the demands we come across our journey of “Being Better”.

To make it simple to understand and handy to remember let’s pin down the indicators that we need to follow for Self improvement.

Self Improvement Indicator 1: It’s not a choice or an option

Very first lesson says the process of Self Improvement gets initiated with a self acceptance that improving our own self is not a choice rather a compulsory variable of life. The kick off will never happen if we consider it to be optional. Self Improvement only approaches to people who consider it to be mandatory. Therefore to begin with, a self awareness of binding ourselves to improve is essential. Self Improvement demands to be taken as compulsory for our own selves and not for anyone else, as individuals looking for improvements in others stagnate.

Self Improvement Indicator 2: Spell it out loud

We should be clearly aware of those facets that we desire to improve.  Be crystal clear on the areas that need improvement. As this would lead to goal setting of where we want to reach and within what time limit. This is the stage where we can set our targets by certainly taking into consideration our resources e.g. time, money and training needed to learn a skill. Clarity on the results being looked forward is highly demanded by Self Improvement as it would be like boarding a flight which would certainly land at some airport but we don’t know exactly which place we plan to go. We can meet the demand of precision in goal setting and goal attainment by penning down everything in detail and following a planner. 

Yes! Let’s get into a professional mode from this stage onward.

Self Improvement Indicator 3: Wear your horse blinders

As the goal is set and we have identified the gaps, now comes the time to be focused on achieving what we intend to. The process of Self Improvement demands us to be extremely focused and completely avoid all sorts of distractions and panic elements. Procrastination will try to charm us in every possible way but beware of it. Any kind of delays and distractions have the possibility of generating an element of failure in our efforts and we end up by putting the blame on to external sources without realizing we did not focus on what we aimed for.

Self Improvement Indicator 4: Become the uncomplaining one 


Persistent efforts towards achieving our goals rest on the giant wheels of time and patience. Especially when it comes to Self Improvement it significantly demands both “Time” and “Patience”. Self Improvement will never happen overnight or over a cup of coffee or while talking to someone over the phone. Never keep complaining about its slow occurrence and above all by no means ever make the mistake of asking others every now and then if they can see the improvement you are trying to bring in you. We need to give enough time for Self Improvement to build its strong base within us and this can surely happen by patiently making continuous efforts towards it.

Self Improvement Indicator 5: Dedicated 24*7 working hours


In continuation to whatever is mentioned in the above paragraph I would further suggest that people sincerely working on Self Improvement are not allowed to take any breaks and offs. It demands round the clock efforts. Assuming that efforts restrained today when doubled and put in the next day will have the same impact is an absolutely mistaken thought. Just remember every hour of our life has its own share of hard work which will show its impact only if it’s put at the right time. Especially if we desire to see the improvement in us as soon as possible let us not miss a single moment in working towards that improvement. The more a laid back attitude more are the chances that we will miss on our goals.   

Self Improvement Indicator 6: Become a member of the same breed


We need to look around and search for people who are themselves working on Self Improvement in some way or the other as these people work as a role model for us. Self Improvement demands that we try to be around these people and be a part of their company as they will effortlessly help us maintain our motivation to attain the improvement. The stories, ways and means, failures and success of people like us who work for Self Improvement will help us maintain our own momentum. 

There are chances that solitude can derail our cart of Self Improvement at some point of time.

Self Improvement Indicator 7: Disconnect from the Negative

It’s not possible, it’s not meant for you, it’s not happening, it doesn’t work, it’s not good, not easy so forget it, so on and so forth. Identify people who frequently use such phrases especially with reference to your idea of Self improvement. Do not give a second thought in disconnecting from them without any fear of social and moral outcomes. Self Improvement demands that we detach ourselves from all sorts of negative people. Such people are the biggest impediments in our journey as they do not realize the worth of Self Improvement.

If we desire to move up the ladder, at the very first stage we need to identify and get rid of people who might pull us down.

Self Improvement Indicator 8: Devise a measurement scale


This process of upgrading ourselves demands that we create our own measurement scale and keep it handy with us. Let us not make the mistake of following any scale that is designed for anyone and everyone. Self Improvement is a very subjective concern and can be assessed only by a tool devised by the person doing it. This tool will tell us how far we have traveled to attain what we intend to. Just need to remember that this tool is subjective and should never be used to compare ourselves with someone else. The comparison has to be done with what we are today in comparison to what we were yesterday. Also we should never ever make the mistake of sharing the results obtained on the scale with anyone. 

Be patient and wait for others to say “Wow!  I can see that change in you.”

Vedika's Journey of Self Improvement: A Gist


The above indicators were very well used by Vedika who decided to move on the path of Self Improvement. 

Her dedication, goal persistence, patience, continuous effort, learning from the group members, achievement of milestones which she kept on measuring on her own were quite helpful in transforming her and bringing forth a new version of her's which she is proud of. 

Now she loves her new self and still continues to improve as she feels her journey has just begun!

Self Improvement Seekers Let’s Conclude: 

Self Improvement is not meant for me and it’s always for others - One absolutely incorrect thought! ❌

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life struggling for the survival of your identity learn to upgrade your own self. Whatever may be the area of your Self Improvement and whatever methodology you adopt to achieve it nothing will work if you do not meet the demands of Self Improvement. 

Remember it’s not tough but it’s very demanding, so identify what Self Improvement wants from you to turn you into a better version of yourself. Achievement of the identified goals for Self Improvement requires persistent efforts with patience and never making the mistake of comparing yourself with others during this entire course of self enhancement. It requires comparison with your own innate self.  

So fear not, go ahead and keep improving!

Keertika Sharma, Personali Progressio

Keertika Sharma



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